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Gary's 31: KIA, Vietnam

"Dead upon the field of glory, Hero fit for song and story." - John Randolph Thompson

This picture is of Gary Ascher taken in Vietnam by his friend, David, who was killed soon thereafter. I wrote a post about Gary on March 13, 2019 and I'm going to write another one about the battle of Tam Dinh that he was in on October 7, 1968 when he lost seven from his platoon within minutes. He lost a total of 31, two friends and 29 from his company - Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. Every Memorial Day, he carries the following 31 names in his pocket. I'm putting a star beside the names of the seven I'm going to write about in the next post. Memorial Day is approaching so I'm posting this in honor of the following 31 who gave their lives and remain forever brave, forever young:

Barnard, Sgt. Larry Wayne Panel 39E - Line 17

Cox, Sgt. James Alan "Jim Panel 40W - Line 63

Critelli, Pfc. Alfred Joseph Panel 36W - Line 1

Curtin, Pfc. James Christopher Panel 35E - Line 37

Davis, Sp4 James A Panel 59E- Line 18

* Ferguson, Pfc. Aaron Floyd Panel 41W - Line 23

* Flores, Pfc. Ramon Aguilar Panel 41W - Line 23

Godley, Pfc. Louis H Panel 24W - Line 111

Grandahl, Sp4 Jack William Panel 39E – Line 21

Hill, Pfc. Dale Evan Panel 52E - Line 37

Jennings, Spc4 Charles Wendell Panel 26W - Line 63

* Kelley, Sgt.Nathaniel Panel 41W - Line 25

* Koenig, Pfc. Roy Robert Panel 41W - Line 25

Martinez-Santiago, Spc4 Rafael Panel 48E - Line 18

Mc Nelly, Pvt. William Robert Panel 21W - Line 62

Miller, Pfc. Merlin Eugene Panel 42W - Line 42

Osborne, Sgt. Lawrence Elston "Ozzie" Panel 48E - Line 8

Poston, S/Sgt. William Thomas Panel 30E - Line 102

* Rice, Jr., Pfc. Walter Garland Panel 41W - Line 26

Rosenberger, Spc4 David Arthur "Rosey" Panel 48E - Line 10

* Shuman, Spc4 William Conrad Panel 41W - Line 27

* Sills, Pfc. Kenneth Howard Panel 41W - Line 27

Sorensen, Pfc. Richard Lee "Moon" Panel 38E - Line 81

Stancil, 1Lt Reginald A. Panel 35E - Line 42

Sugden, Spc4 William James "Dusty" Panel 36W - Line 7

Thompson, Spc4 Robert R. Panel 48E - Line 21

Trout, Spc4 Bradford Lee Panel 37E - Line 73

Vanwey, Pfc. William Earl "Rip" Panel 36W - Line 19

Washington, Spc4 John "Willie Panel 31W - Line 29

Eagleson, Robert William Panel 44E - Line 6

Neher, Robert William Panel 35E - Line 62

The US Wall has Jack Grandahl as being in 1st Cav but he was in Bravo 2nd 12th 25th Division

Picture on the Wall shows him standing in front of Bravo Company sign.

James Davis was transferred to the 125th Signal Battalion and was killed on Nui Ba Den

1LT Reginald Stancil was attached to Bravo from 2/77th Artillery. He was an FO

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