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A list of published writings by Lynne Ludwick:

The Box



The author received a gift from a Viet Cong veteran thirty-five years after the end of the Vietnam War, which prompted her to tell this story. This is a memoir about growing up with her uncle, Eddy, whose life path crossed with this Viet Cong veteran's in 1968. It's a story about the innocence of growing up during the fifties in California, the realities of the Vietnam War, and ultimately, about forgiveness.

Artie, of Ten Sleep
children's chapter book of tall tales, available on

Mother's Day Writing Contest

1st place, and published

Central Coast Parent

Spring 1991


SLO Grown

2nd place, and published

San Luis Obispo County Genalogical Society, Inc

Winter 1994


The Messenger

Women's Press

November and December 2004


Creston School Makes a Difference

Atascadero News

December 21, 2005


Then I Remember Mandy

Women's Press

March/April 2009



Honorable Mention

78th Annual Writer's Digest Short Story Competition

Children/Juvenile Fiction Division

October 2009


Who Will Remember

Journal Plus

March 2015


Central Coast Follies: All Because of Emily, Dancing for a Cure

Journal Plus

September 2015








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